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Bianca-Germain is an ambitious woman in her thirties. She pursued her desire to help others by becoming a speech-language pathologist in 2014. In her demanding yet rewarding career, she struggled with maintaining a work-life balance. The difficulty in leaving work in the office to shift gears to ensure a relaxing home setting, was more difficult than expected. Life seemed to be dictated by work deadlines and productivity requirements that increased stress.
 As she dove into her self-healing journey, she strived to be more present by acknowledging the positive in her immediate environment. A beneficial trick became physically signaling to the brain that work had ended and home was to remain a sacred and peaceful space.
She always loved candles! The process of making candles was a therapeutic and exciting hobby that continued throughout her summers off. Striking a match and lighting candles became that mental switch, regardless of the time of day or sunlight present. Being able to awaken the senses triggered the soul to perform for the desired mood and she wanted to share that with others.
Scent Germain was created in 2017 to bring the life to work-life balance. It is for the Renaissance woman who understands and acknowledges the power of self-love, healing and recharging in a chaotic world.

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